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What Are the Different Types of Commercial Real Estate? November 6, 2018

Fairfield, Butler
What Are the Different Types of Commercial Real Estate?, Fairfield, Ohio

When it comes to commercial real estate, there are a variety of properties to invest in. Commercial general contractors say the key is knowing which one makes the most financial sense and can provide consistent returns. If you’ve been thinking about entering this exciting entrepreneurial space, here are some of the most common types of commercial real estate.

What Are the Different Types of Commercial Real Estate?

Retail Outlets

commercial general contractorsFrom strip malls to restaurants, retail outlets run the gamut. Their configurations also vary by size and number of occupants. Some have a main tenant, also known as an anchor, combined with other tenants. The building configurations are typically standalone spaces but they can be connected to other shops.

Office Buildings

These types of buildings are generally grouped into three tiers: A, B, and C. Class A is considered prime territory by commercial general contractors because of its location, prestige and higher rental rates. Class B buildings typically provide average rental rates to accommodate a variety of different tenants. Class C office space is targeted at occupants who prefer below-market rental rates for the location.


Apartment complexes are the most common types of multifamily properties built by commercial general contractors. Townhouses, condos, and co-operative units fall into this residential real estate category too. Grouped into Class A, B, and C categories like offices, multifamily properties have sub-categories such as low-income and college student housing.


This type of real estate usually includes factories, manufacturing, processing plants and other properties that serve different industries. There are typically four types of industrial buildings: flex industrial, heavy manufacturing, light assembly, and warehouses. Flex industrial combines office and manufacturing operations. Heavy manufacturing is designed for large processing equipment, while light assembly is used for storage space and product assembly. A bulk warehouse is generally used as distribution outlets for a variety of products.


Investing in commercial real estate is an ambitious and exciting venture. For more than 35 years, BHI General Contracting in Cincinnati, OH, has helped clients navigate through the process. From providing access to existing office space to building from the ground up, the commercial general contractor specializes in finishing on time, on budget, and with quality results. To get started, call (513) 330-5686 to schedule a friendly consultation. Visit the website for information on the firm’s full lineup of services for residents throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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