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3 Signs It's Time for a New Smoke Detector November 1, 2018

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3 Signs It's Time for a New Smoke Detector, Harrison, Arkansas

Homeowners should check their fire alarms twice a year to ensure the devices are in working order. It’s easy to remember this task if you do it in accordance with daylight saving time. That means testing units on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, and Sunday, March 10, 2019. Additionally, know these three signs that it’s time to get a new smoke detector in case your devices require replacement in between testings.

How to Know You Need a New Smoke Detector

1. Your Alarm Is Old

Fire alarm companies recommend replacing smoke detectors when they reach 10 years of age. After this point, the likelihood of malfunctioning increases, putting your family or business at risk. The date of manufacture is listed on the back of the device and can be accessed by gently twisting the unit off the ceiling or wall mount. Even if your model seems to be working fine after 10 years, it’s better to replace this important device before it starts glitching to ensure it’ll work in your time of need. 

2. Fresh Batteries Don’t Work

fire alarmIf you notice a fire alarm isn’t working during a biannual test, try replacing the batteries. If the device doesn’t immediately blink and beep to indicate that it’s working again, it may have shorted or become damaged. Replace the alarm right away to promote safety in your home or business.

3. You Recently Moved

In some states, real estate listing agents and home inspectors are required to assess and disclose the age of any fire alarms on properties for sale. Even so, that doesn’t always happen. It’s your job as a new homeowner or renter to check the date on the device and replace the batteries so you know the fire alarms will be ready in the event of a fire.


Individuals looking to learn more about fire alarm safety and the best places to install smoke detectors should contact Tempo Fire and Security LLC in Boone County, AR. Their team has over 100 years of combined experience and offers most affordable fire and burglar alarm monitoring in the area. Call (870) 741-1331 or visit the website to learn about the veteran-owned company, which has provided local residents and businesses with peace of mind for over 35 years.

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