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If you have joint or back pain, you know how much it can affect your life. Doctors urge patients to exercise in order to stay healthy, but joint and back pain can make exercise feel impossible. Not to mention that if you have such pain, it was likely caused from an injury doing—you guessed it—exercise.

It’s hard enough to get up off the couch when you’re perfectly healthy, but when your back or joints hurt, you may not want to move at all. Everyone from doctors to the Internet experts say that certain exercises can help with pain by strengthening muscles to support the spine, but the reality is that getting started is really tough when you’re hurting, and the risk of causing further injury scares plenty of people away from the gym.

Understanding which exercises are safe for you adds to the difficulty. Some say walking, swimming, biking, Pilates and yoga can reduce back pain, but many of the moves inherent in these activities can actually worsen pain (example: toe touches are part of a fundamental pose in yoga, but can aggravate lower back pain).

OsteoStrong is a wellness company specializing in new system that delivers what many are saying as the answer to this problem. We think exercise is great, but more than that, we understand that sometimes people face personal hurtles that make taking steps toward a more active lifestyle painful and scary. If you have joint and back pain, we know you’ve probably been through the circuit of chiropractic care, lying in weird positions on the floor, medication, surgery, supplements, diet changes, massages, and recommendations to exercise. Most of these approaches can be costly, daunting, inconvenient, and may not even work for you.

Get a FREE Osteogenic Loading Session at OsteoStrong O’Fallon by calling 636-238-8696. Change your life without changing your lifestyle!

If you’re looking for a simpler way to ease joint and back pain, OsteoStrong may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. We are the premier provider of new Osteogenic Loading technology and therapy, a pain-free joint and back pain solution backed by scientific research.

Osteogenic Loading is a series of supervised resistance movements that take less than 10 minutes a week. You don’t need gym clothes, and you won’t break a sweat. There are no pills, injections, supplements, or homework. Our clients have ranged from kids under 10 to people in their 90s, proving that anyone can do it.

OsteoStrong is backed by published scientific research, but the personal testimonials are incredible. Many report canceling knee and hip replacement surgery, arthritis pain being greatly reduced or completely eliminated, and long term chronic back and joint pain vanishing after 10 or so sessions.

Think about it. What if your pain was gone in just 10 weeks, and you didn’t have to swallow a single pill or go to the gym?

Sometimes, finding the solution to a problem means being open to new possibilities. OsteoStrong may sound like a miracle cure, but the testimonials are there, and people who try it, swear by the benefits. More OsteoStrong locations are opening every month, and we welcome you to visit and see what OsteoStrong can do. Giving Osteogenic Loading a try for just 10 minutes could change your life.


Get a FREE Osteogenic Loading Session at OsteoStrong O’Fallon by calling 636-238-8696. Change your life without changing your lifestyle!

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