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Your Guide to Smart Fall Home Improvement Projects November 5, 2018

Canandaigua, Ontario
Your Guide to Smart Fall Home Improvement Projects, Canandaigua, New York

The cooler temperatures of autumn make it the ideal time to work on home improvement projects. To maximize your productivity, you should choose the most rewarding projects to focus on. Get started with the ideas below to keep your home protected, comfortable, and beautiful throughout the upcoming winter.

Home Improvement Projects You Should Try This Fall

Prepare Your Home for Winter

Freezing rain, snow, and cold temperatures can damage your home if you haven’t prepared it for the winter. Start by improving your roofing and gutters: remove all the debris from your roof and clean out the gutters so that rain can easily flow off of your roof. If you have any damage to your roof or chimney, fall is the best time to repair it. 

If your home feels drafty in the cold, work on making your home more energy efficient. An energy efficient home will stay more comfortable throughout the cold season and will save you money on your heating bills. Have your attic’s insulation replaced, switch out your windows for energy efficient ones, and repair your HVAC system if it’s broken.

Improve Your Curb Appealhome improvement

Curb appeal tends to diminish in winter as lawns turn brown and bushes lose their leaves. Keep your home beautiful year-round by improving your curb appeal with other projects. Painting the front door is a small and worthwhile investment, and painting the outside of your home is best done when it’s between 50 to 70 degrees outside. Improve your home entrance by adding new lights, house numbers, or seasonal decor. If your siding looks worn, have it power washed and painted.


Looking to improve your home this fall? The home improvement team at Hibbs Contracting has served Monroe County, NY, homeowners since 1992. Their highly experienced team has built a reputation for fine workmanship with quality materials. They provide warranties on all of their work and materials. Whether you have small home improvement projects or major renovations to get done this fall, they’ll make it happen. Contact them online or at (585) 396-9068 to schedule an estimate today.

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