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How to Know When it's Time For Pool Replastering June 16, 2015

Austin, Williamson
How to Know When it's Time For Pool Replastering, Austin, Texas

Having your pool replastered with Clear Solutions Pool Company will address a few different problems that your pool may have and restore your pool back to a beautiful state. Clear Solutions will assess what your pool needs and provide the high-quality and reliable pool renovation service that they're well known for in the Austin area.

If you notice rough plaster as you rub against the interior of the pool while swimming, your plaster needs to be redone. If there are holes or pock marks on the surface, people can even get light abrasions or find their swimsuits snagging on the plaster. Pool replastering covers these thinning or jagged places inside your pool with a uniform, smooth surface.


The visual appearance of the pool's interior can also be a sign that it is time to replaster. Thinning spots, discoloration, and uneven pigmentation can all mar the natural beauty of your pool. This lack of a smooth, consistent color can also cause your pool to look dirty when it's actually clean.

While small patching is an option, this only works for very minimal troubled spots and leaves your pool with discolorations that can stand out when lit by pool lights. Pool resurfacing ensures that your pool has a beautiful finish. Hiring Clear Solutions Pool Company to replaster your pool ensures that you avoid many problems that can come along with unprofessional work: adhesive failure, etching, patches, and uneven results.

Clear Solutions Pool Company provides the best service in the area and all of their work ends with happy, satisfied customers. Call them at (512) 699-6044 to have your pool replastered or for any other pool maintenance or repair needs.