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4 Athlete's Foot FAQ November 13, 2018

Garment District, Manhattan
4 Athlete's Foot FAQ, Manhattan, New York

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that causes a scaly rash on the skin of the feet. The rash can lead to excessive itching, stinging, and burning between the toes or soles of the feet. Without proper treatment from a foot doctor, this condition can worsen and even turn into an infection. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about athlete’s foot.

All About Athlete’s Foot

1. What Cause Athlete’s Foot?

If you come in contact with a person infected with athlete’s foot or touch surfaces contaminated with the fungus, you can contract this condition. The fungus needs a warm and moist environment to survive, so it’s most frequently found in locker rooms, showers, and pools. Those who often go to these places barefoot have an increased risk of getting athlete’s foot.

2. How Is Athlete’s Foot Treated?

Athletes can typically be treated with over-the-counter anti-fungal topical medications. If it doesn’t clear your infection, your foot doctor may prescribe you a stronger topical or oral medication. If you have blisters that are bothersome, you can soak your feet in diluted vinegar to dry them out.

3. Can I Still Exercise With Athlete’s Foot?

foot doctorIn most cases, it’s perfectly fine to continue exercising with this condition as long as your foot doctor approves. To protect your feet, always wear cotton socks when working out and put on sandals if you walk around a locker room. Once you are done, thoroughly clean your feet with soap and water, and dry them.

4. Can Athlete’s Foot Come Back?

Yes, it’s possible to contract athlete’s foot in the future, even if you successfully treat it the first time. However, you can minimize your risk by always wearing shoes in public places, choosing socks with breathable fibers, washing and drying your feet thoroughly, and changing your socks when your feet become sweaty.


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