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San Marcos Insurance Agency, Inc.: How Tickets Affect Your Car Insurance July 1, 2015

Millview East, San Marcos
San Marcos Insurance Agency, Inc.: How Tickets Affect Your Car Insurance, San Marcos, Texas

How do traffic tickets affect your auto insurance? The same way that smoking affects your health insurance. Whether you have tickets or not, San Marcos Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you  find exemplary auto insurance that keeps you on the road.

How exactly do tickets factor into your rates? According to the, traffic tickets are of paramount importance because the number of tickets you have is one of the factors your insurance company uses when it comes to assessing the likelihood of future accidents. In fact, if you have a high number of tickets and other moving violations, you can expect an increase in your car insurance rates. Citations can be issued for a variety of offenses, ranging from the minor (e.g., driving with a broken headlight) to the more serious (like DWIs). Excessive speeding, in particular, can be especially detrimental to your record.


The solution? In short, be ultra-conscientious about defensive driving. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can never truly predict what another motorist is going to do, so it pays to be alert and do what you need to do to prevent accidents. Many states, in fact, will dismiss a ticket so that it never appears on your record in exchange for your attendance at a defensive driving course. So always, always take advantage of that opportunity.

What else can you do in addition to driving defensively? Take the initiative, be safe, and make sure you have great car insurance! To find out more, contact the San Marcos Insurance Agency, Inc. online or call them at (512) 754-7119. The sooner you get a great auto policy, the more secure you’ll feel on the road, so call today!

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