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3 Things to Expect at Your Child’s First Eye Exam November 2, 2018

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
3 Things to Expect at Your Child’s First Eye Exam, Brooklyn, New York

If you’re gearing up for your child’s first eye exam, it can be intimidating for both of you. It’s a critical first checkup on their vision health, and you may not know what to expect. As a rule of thumb, their first exam should be when they turn three years old. Here, you’ll find key aspects of the eye exam you can anticipate so that you and your child can go in comfortable and without anxiety.

3 Aspects of a Pediatric Eye Exam

1. Vision Test

eye examThe most recognizable part of an eye exam is the vision test. Your child will attempt to read letters or recognize shapes of different sizes from varying distances so the eye doctor can gauge their visual acuity. They’ll also check their depth perception so they can get a comprehensive idea of their current vision.

2. Eye Movement Test

The extraocular movement test focuses on identifying an abnormal gaze or double vision issues your child may experience. During the test, the eye doctor will have them follow an object in front of them slowly, rapidly, and in all directions. Based on how well they follow it throughout the eye exam, the optometrist can assess if there are muscular or nerve issues interfering with movement.

3. Pupil Test

The eye is extremely complex, and how it processes light is crucial to vision quality. During the pupil test, the eye doctor will shine a light directly into the eye to see how the pupil responds. Looking at these reactions will let them know if your child has any sensitivities or difficulty tolerating lighting changes.


If you’re ready to schedule your child’s first eye exam, turn to Clear Vision Center. They’ve provided comprehensive eye care services in Brooklyn, NY, for over 11 years and will work closely with you to ensure you receive the care you need. They carry a wide selection of eyeglasses, and their eye doctors are committed to building lasting relationships with their clients. Visit them online to explore their practice further, and call (718) 771-0078 today to schedule an eye exam. You can also connect on Facebook for additional vision care advice.

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