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4 FAQs About Oil Furnaces Answered November 2, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
4 FAQs About Oil Furnaces Answered, West Haven, Connecticut

When winter comes, it pays to have a reliable heating system to keep your home comfortable. An oil furnace will keep your home warm in a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally sound way. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing an oil furnace or are moving into a home with one, here are answers to several commonly asked questions.

Oil Furnace FAQs Answered

How does an oil furnace work?

Most oil furnaces have a mechanism that allows the furnace to turn on when the system’s thermostat detects a major drop in temperature. After this occurs, a burner motor will channel heating oil from inside a storage tank, and when it mixes with air, the furnace’s ignition transformer produces a spark.

It takes a very short amount of time for the furnace’s heat exchanger to produce warmth. Once this occurs, air is pulled into the blower motor and heat moves across the heat exchanger. The furnace’s duct system receives the heated air and channels it throughout the house.

Is home heating oil safe?oil furnace

Because heating oil does not emit enough vapors, it can’t trigger an explosion. Additionally, the oil cannot produce flames. Home heating oil is considered 100% clean because it doesn’t produce dirt, soot, or toxic odors.

How do I refill my oil supply?

To ensure that your oil furnace has enough home heating oil during the winter, you should sign up for a delivery service. A professional service will monitor the temperature outside so that the right amount of heating oil is delivered to you. 

Will heating my home with an oil furnace save me money?

Home heating oil provides more heat per British Thermal Unit (BTU) than gas does, and it lasts longer. As a result, homeowners save significantly on heating costs by switching to an oil furnace heating system.


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