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Curious About Ethiopian Cuisine? 4 Dishes to Try November 2, 2018

Long Island City, Queens
Curious About Ethiopian Cuisine? 4 Dishes to Try, Queens, New York

If you’re curious about sampling Ethiopian cuisine, chances are there’s a restaurant or food truck around the corner where you can indulge in tasty and healthy dishes. But how do you know which one to try? Below are four of the most popular Ethiopian dishes that will make you want to return to the African eatery for more. 

Your Guide to Ethiopian Food 

1. Injera

As the national dish of Ethiopia, the thin, sourdough-risen flatbread is a classic component of any meal. Its spongy texture makes it perfect for soaking up flavorful sauces, as well as a great compliment to traditionally-cooked proteins and vegan veggies. Many restaurants serve injera with stews and salads. 

2. Sambusa

Ethiopian cuisineAre you looking for a tasty fried snack? You can’t go wrong with sambusa. With Mediterranean origins, the popular Ethiopian appetizer is filled with savory meats or veggies, including lentils, spiced potatoes, or onions. Various restaurants offer baked sambusa for a healthier alternative. 

3. Misir

Ethiopian cuisine is also known for its vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. One delicious example is misir. This hearty stew is made with whole red lentils and laced with traditional spices, such as berbere, cumin, coriander, and paprika.

4. Chicken Or Beef Tibs

If you’re craving a dish with meat, consider ordering chicken or beef tibs. This trendy meal is a hybrid of stew and stir-fry. Depending on how the Ethiopian restaurant or food truck prepares it, it can also be quite spicy. The dish is often served with rice or injera to compliment the rich, flavorful meat.



Are you craving Ethiopian cuisine? Check out New York’s first Ethiopian food truck, Makina Café in Queens, NY. Traveling around Queens and Manhattan, their menu offers a vibrant and delicious blend of Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Italian cuisine, served with exceptional customer service that will keep you coming back for seconds. Inherent in their culture’s traditions, their food is both flavorful and healthy, and they offer a wide variety of tasty vegan and vegetarian options. To learn more, check out their menu online or call them directly at (917) 426-5649.

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