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How to Style a Lob Haircut November 2, 2018

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How to Style a Lob Haircut, Rochester, New York

As the holidays approach, you might be longing for a change in your physical appearance before seeing old friends and family. In addition to boosting your confidence, a new look is an excellent way to spark up a conversation. One of the most popular and manageable styles for women with hair loss today is the “lob,” or the long bob. If you’re interested in this cut but can’t think of how you would style it on a day-to-day basis, consider these options.

3 Ways to Style a Fresh-Cut Lob

1. Beachy Waves

This care-free style is perfect for bringing a bit of summer fun to your winter routine. Luckily, it only takes about 10 minutes to get this relaxed, pulled-out ringlet look. If you’re handy with a curling iron, use this for about half the time it takes you to make full curls, then run your fingers through the waves to separate the tendrils. If you have naturally wavy hair, you can simply combine salt and water in a spray bottle and spritz for all-day hold.

2. Sleek & Straight

hair lossOn days when you’re craving a bit more length, this hairstyle will make the most of your lob. Before you start, apply a heat-protective product to your hair to avoid split ends. Then, separate your hair into four sections with clips or rubber bands. Finally, starting with the back-most sections, use a flat iron to streamline your locks.

3. Half Up, Half Down

This in-between take on the classic ponytail is sometimes called a “princess” style because it resembles a crown. It’s also excellent for hiding problem spots for people with hair loss. To section your lob properly, take two fingers and place them on either side of your head above your ears. Then, slide them to the back of your head until they meet, gathering hair as you go. With a rubber band, tie this section into a small ponytail, and use a spritz of hairspray to prevent flyaways.


If you’re interested in switching up your appearance with a new haircut, the lob may be right for you. Stop by New U of Rochester, NY, to talk about men’s and women’s hair loss solutions so you can enjoy your new look in its most voluminous form. For more information on their hair replacement offerings, visit the website. You can also call them at (585) 272-7320 to talk about your hair loss experience.

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