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Eye Care When You Have a Stye November 5, 2018

West Hamilton, Hamilton
Eye Care When You Have a Stye, Hamilton, Ohio

A stye is a small infected oil duct at the edge of your eyelid, similar to a pimple. Because this area is inconvenient and sensitive, a stye can be a major problem requiring professional eye care—especially if it begins to drain into the eye. If you are coping with a stye or have recurring infections, read on to learn to handle them.

What You Should Know About Styes

How to Tell If You Have One

A stye is caused when an oil duct gets plugged with dead skin or other material. It creates a red bump on the eyelid which can be uncomfortable or painful. If it forms on the outer surface of the eyelid, it may have a recognizable whitehead, the same as a pimple. However, they can also form on the inner eyelid, where the head is not visible. Styes rarely affect your sight, but are still a major annoyance.

Eye Care for a Stye

Eye CareIn most cases, a stye will simply go away on its own after a few days. You can help soothe the area and speed the process by applying a warm compress to your closed eyelid. Gently pressing on your eyelid with your fingers can sometimes unplug the oil gland. Don’t try to pop the stye; instead, apply gentle pressure with a compress and let it rupture on its own. If the style doesn’t go away in a few days or comes back, your doctor may drain it for you or may prescribe an antibiotic.

Stye Prevention

If you have frequent or recurring styes, you likely need to clean the skin in the area more carefully. Use a cotton swab or a soft washcloth, warm water, and a mild soap such as baby shampoo to gently clean your closed eyelid and the area around your eye. Do this daily in the shower or during your usual facial routine to get rid of the excess skin, oil, and bacteria that contribute to the formation of a stye.


If you need eye care for a stye or another issue, visit Wing Eyecare. Based in Cincinnati, OH, and with locations throughout northern Kentucky, their doctors offer eye exams, both to help you get the right prescription for your glasses and to address any eye health issues you are experiencing. Their focus is always on optometry, not on sales. To make an appointment, call them toll-free at (888) 274-9464 or reach out online.

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