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What Do Catholic Funerals Entail? December 14, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
What Do Catholic Funerals Entail?, West Haven, Connecticut

When a loved one passes, a family is tasked with laying a beloved individual to rest with dignity and respect. Catholics often decide to host a traditional funeral service. If you’re unsure of the various aspects of a Catholic funeral, here’s some insight into the arrangement process. 

What Are the Main Elements of a Catholic Funeral?

The first component of a Catholic funeral is the vigil or wake. This takes place after a loved one passes, prior to mass and the funeral service. The wake can take place at a funeral home, a Catholic church, or an alternate location. During the ritual, friends and family gather together to offer prayers and condolences. Next, there is a traditional Catholic mass at church. It’s customary for the casket or urn to be sprinkled with holy water, and Catholics in attendance may be invited to take communion. 

funeralAfter mass, the funeral party may move to a cemetery for a burial service. Cremation urns are not permitted to be stored at home and ashes cannot be scattered in this faith, so it’s common for Catholics to acquire burial plots whether they opt for cremation or traditional burial. 

What’s the Best Way to Plan for This Celebration of Life?

With all the moving parts of a traditional Catholic funeral, many families opt to engage an experienced funeral home to assist with preparations. By working with a compassionate and knowledgeable team, you’ll know every aspect of the celebration is covered. Better still, you won’t have to manage event-planning stress. Instead, you can focus on connecting with loved ones and paying your respects. 


Porto Funeral Homes has been respectfully serving residents throughout New Haven County for over 75 years. If you’re looking for a compassionate funeral home that’s well-versed in planning both religious and nondenominational celebrations of life, call today at (203) 467-3000 for East Haven or (203) 934-5000 for West Haven to discuss your needs. For additional information on the comprehensive services they provide, from cremation services to pre-arrangements and burial trusts, visit their website

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