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Do’s & Don’ts of Dressing for a Hike November 26, 2018

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
Do’s & Don’ts of Dressing for a Hike, Jacksonville East, Florida

Proper attire is essential for any outdoor activity, especially hiking. It’s important to have outerwear that you can move easily in, but you don’t want to pack too many bulky items, which can weigh you down. Since there’s such a fine line when it comes to hiking apparel, here are some guidelines to keep in mind the next time you head out to the trails.


Wear breathable fabrics.

Hiking is hard work, so you’re likely to work up a sweat. With breathable fabrics like cotton, air can pass through and keep you cool. Additionally, moisture will not be trapped inside, which can decrease discomfort and chafing.

Bring layers.

The temperature can shift quite a bit through the course of your hike. In the morning, you may need to cover up with outerwear, but by midday when the sun is out, you could get by with minimal clothing. Bring light layers, so you can add or remove them as needed.


Forget a hat.

outerwearEven if it’s not particularly cold or sunny, a hat is a must-have. Your skin can become burned or irritated throughout the day. At the very least, carry one in your bag so you can use it when the sun is shining midday.

Pack Bulky Outerwear.

While it is important to have some light outerwear options to wear if the weather cools down, don’t pack anything that’s too heavy to carry around the rest of the time. Stick to light fabrics like fleece and nylon, and choose items that will easily fit in your backpack when you don’t need to wear them. Vests and flannel shirts work well as they are thermal, yet light.


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