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5 Signs Your Pants Need Tailoring November 1, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
5 Signs Your Pants Need Tailoring, Manhattan, New York

Everyone should have at least one pair of pants with the perfect fit. Unfortunately, pants often don’t fit perfectly when you first buy them. Tight fits, awkwardly placed creases, and dragging hems are fashion faux pas that can be embarrassing. Tailoring is what you’ll need to create the ideal pair. Here are some of the most telling signs that it’s time to have your pants tailored.

How to Tell if Your Pants Need Tailoring

1. Billowing Legs

While looseness may depend on comfort and preferred style, your legs shouldn’t be swimming in your pants. Baggy pant legs billow inelegantly and wrinkle easily. In the workplace, billowing pants can look unprofessional. Tailoring will bring the fabric in and make for a more flattering fit.

2. Loose Cuffstailoring

Cuffing your pants is a simple style that can greatly enhance the casual quality of an outfit. But if your cuffs frequently crumple or come undone, they’re likely too big. A well-tailored cuff will rest snugly against your calves, but be loose enough to shift when you move.

3. Too Long or Short

Pants that are too long or short are common, easy to spot problems. If the hem is too high, that means the pant legs will fall well above your ankles, even when you’re standing straight. When pants are too low, they bunch up at the shoe and brush the ground. Have your pants hemmed to the right length—just at or below the ankle. 

4. Ill-Fitting Waist

An ill-fitting waist is perhaps the most obvious signal that your pants need tailoring. Belts are always an option for cinching, but they won’t do much to fix pants that slide right off the hips. Likewise, pants that are too-tight may restrict your movement and are uncomfortable. If the waist is the only part of your pants that isn’t quite right, a tailor can easily fix it.

5. Popping Pockets

Popped pockets are an often overlooked issue caused by ill-fitting pants. The pockets of slacks and trousers should lie flat against your hips, but if the pants are too tight in certain areas, they’ll bulge out like tents. Your pants may need tailoring in the thighs, seat, or waist of your pants to correct it.


Do your new pants or favorite jeans need tailoring? New York City’s 6 Avenue Tailor is your source for professional clothing alterations. With precise measuring skills, rush and same-day service, superior pricing, and outstanding results, they offer the best tailoring services in Manhattan. Call this Midtown tailor today at (212) 593-1925 to schedule an appointment. Learn more about their services online.

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