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4 Pieces of Home Health Care Equipment to Increase Mobility November 15, 2018

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
4 Pieces of Home Health Care Equipment to Increase Mobility , Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Independence is crucial to maintaining your quality of life. Unfortunately, for people with mobility restrictions, it can be challenging to complete day-to-day tasks alone, which is why home health care equipment is essential. Below are a few pieces of home health care equipment that can improve mobility at home.

4 Essential Pieces of Home Health Care Equipment 

1. Personal Alert System

A personal alert system is an electronic device with which a person can summon help in an emergency with the touch of a button. You can wear these on a lanyard around your neck or clip them to a pocket or shirt. They’re helpful for people who live alone and wish to maintain independence without sacrificing safety. Whether you fall in the shower or experience a medical emergency, these devices can be life-saving.

2. Walkers or Motorized Scooters

home health care equipmentWalkers and motorized scooters can help people get around the house or neighborhood, and they improve mobility and independence. Consider having a walker for the home and a scooter for errands such as going to the grocery store or post office. Ensure the home is accessible with doorways wide enough to accommodate a walker.

3. Toilet Seat Accessories 

Most people value their privacy in the bathroom more than anywhere else. Unfortunately, the bathroom is also one of the most challenging places for many people with mobility restrictions. Devices such as toilet seat raisers and nearby grab bars can improve independence by making it easier for people to sit and stand up from the toilet efficiently.

4. Shower Accessories 

Like the toilet, the shower is another place many people encounter challenges. Install non-slip mats and grip rails in and outside of the bath to reduce the chance of falls. A shower seat is also helpful, especially for people who cannot stand for long. A hand-held shower head is useful as well. A walk-in shower is best, though a transfer seat can work as a substitute. 


With the right home health care equipment, you can significantly improve your quality of life. If you’re a Wisconsin Rapids, WI, resident in need of reliable mobility assistance and pain management equipment, turn to the professionals at Rapid Rehab. For over a decade, they’ve been the community’s go-to for home health care equipment, such as walkers, scooters, stair and vehicle lifts, ramps, and bathroom safety equipment. Call (715) 423-2084 to speak with a staff member, and visit the website to learn more about their equipment.

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