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A Dentist's Halloween Candy Do’s & Dont's for Metal Braces November 1, 2018

Fort Wright, Kenton
A Dentist's Halloween Candy Do’s & Dont's for Metal Braces, Fort Wright, Kentucky

Halloween means tempting candy is waiting around every corner. But if your dentist has mentioned to you that you already have cavities, you may wonder what candy is safe for you to eat. Since cavities affect both functional and cosmetic dentistry purposes, it’s important to make sure your Halloween candy doesn’t interfere with them.


Eat easily melted candy.

dentistWhen it comes to Halloween candy, your dentist will recommend safe options that won’t affect your teeth. This includes candies that your saliva can break down easily and can be cleaned away by brushing and flossing. Soft, melty, sugar-free candy is the best option for braces. Chocolates without nuts, peanut butter cups, ice cream, and apple cider are popular seasonal treats that won’t get stuck in your braces and cause cavities to form.

Indulge in sugar-free candies.

Sugar-free gum, chews, and soft candies are great ways to indulge your sweet tooth, without letting down your dentist. Xylitol is an increasingly popular sweetener in many candies because it tastes similar to cane sugar but doesn’t pose a threat to teeth. Search for sweets that have xylitol in them or are completely sugar-free to enjoy the holiday without guilt.


Eat sticky, gummy, or hard candy.

The worst enemy of your teeth during Halloween is candy that sticks to your teeth and gets caught in the hardware of your braces. Avoid caramels, gummies and hard candies. They leave sugary debris caught between and on your teeth, forming cavities and interfering with the health of your teeth.

Cut out candy altogether.

Though it’s great to be careful, don’t deprive yourself of candy entirely. You deserve to treat yourself on the holidays, and there are acceptable sweet options for you to indulge in without worrying about your teeth. Whether you’re more of a chocolate person or a peanut butter fan, you can enjoy something sweet to celebrate this season.


If you need general or cosmetic dentistry services to make sure your teeth are ready for Halloween, entrust your dental care to the team at Tri-State Dental Care in Fort Wright, KY. Serving all of Northern Kentucky and the surrounding areas, their dentist and staff offer a comprehensive array of dental services, including urgent, cosmetic, preventive, and family dentistry. For over 20 years, their talented team has utilized cutting-edge technology and treatment options to ensure the utmost quality care. Learn more about their services online, or schedule an appointment by calling (859) 426-2790.

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