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What Are the Benefits of Flat-Rate Moving Services? November 1, 2018

East Village, Manhattan
What Are the Benefits of Flat-Rate Moving Services? , Manhattan, New York

Most moving companies charge hourly rates, which means you will not know exactly how much you’ll need to pay up until you receive the bill. Meanwhile, other companies offer flat rates, which are typically based on travel distance and home size. If you are looking to move, the following guide outlines a few key advantages of choosing flat-rate moving.

Concrete Estimates

movingSelecting a flat-rate moving service allows you to clarify how much the bill will be ahead of time. Before you commit to the service, movers will first come to your house and survey your belongings. Afterward, they will provide you with a concrete bill estimate that takes into account the number of miles to your new destination. Flat-rate estimates eliminate the guesswork and reduce the risk of unwanted expenditures down the road.


Flat-rate moving services are a cost-effective option when you’re relocating. Due to the many factors that impact the time a move takes, including furniture size and weight, employee productivity, and weather, homeowners can rest easy knowing they’re not racking up costs as the clock ticks. If, say, there is bad weather, the moving company will cover the extra costs to ensure customer satisfaction.

While flat-rate services benefit everyone, they are particularly advantageous for long-distance moving. Rather than pay for every hour it takes the mover to sit in traffic, deal with any emergencies, or take pit-stops, customers can rest easy with their financial commitment. Those who plan to move long distances can save a lot of money on their bill by choosing flat-rate.


To receive your complimentary flat-rate estimate, contact New York’s top moving company. The five-star rated team at Piece of Cake Moving & Storage, located in Manhattan’s East Village, strives to make every move simple and cost-effective for their valued customers. These highly trained movers operate seven days a week and are pleased to provide reliable short and long-distance services. To attain your guaranteed price, visit the company online. If you have any questions, please call their helpful professionals today at (212) 651-7273.

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