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3 Fall Trends to Inspire Your New Hairstyle November 1, 2018

Chelsea, Manhattan
3 Fall Trends to Inspire Your New Hairstyle , Manhattan, New York

Opting for a new hairstyle can both revamp your image and boost your confidence. From a new hue to a shorter cut, a professional stylist at your local hair salon will provide recommendations to flatter your face shape and complexion. If you want to try a trendy style, below are a few popular options for fall 2018.    

3 Autumn Hairstyles to Keep on Your Radar

1. Dark Colors

hair salonDuring the fall, many people change their hair color from sun-kissed shades to darker tones. This year, muted and rich hues are all the rage. Deep red, jet black, and chocolate brown, for example, are some of the most popular colors at hair salons this autumn. However, if you want to go unconventional, try adding a streak or ombre of a bold color—such as fiery orange, metallic denim blue or plum. 

2. Mid-Length Cuts

People who like the versatility of long strands without the associated maintenance are instead opting for shoulder-length haircuts. The shorter length can be flirty and fun without the commitment of a major chop. The mid-length tresses can frame the face or be pulled back for a sleek or tousled updo. 

3. Baby & Curtain Bangs

haircutBangs work well for both long and short cuts. This fall, many people are playing with fringe length. Baby bangs start a few inches above the brow line. The locks can be uniform or incorporate a few longer pieces for added dimension. Curtain bangs are worth considering if you have long locks. With this style, the hair is parted off-center or in the middle, and bangs are swept to the sides like curtains. Longer bangs can also blend with the rest of your hair for easy upkeep.


Whether you want to try one of the above trends or have a different look in mind, the professionals at Bloom Beauty Lounge are eager to create your new hairstyle. A fixture in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood since 2010, the hair salon uses natural and organic products to prevent skin irritation and keep strands healthy. To schedule an appointment, call (212) 255-9355. Visit the hair salon online to meet the team, and follow them on Instagram to see photos of clients’ haircuts and makeovers.

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