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3 Unexpected Results That Could Happen From Your Class Reunion December 17, 2018

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3 Unexpected Results That Could Happen From Your Class Reunion, Honolulu, Hawaii

School reunions often occur on milestone anniversaries based on your graduation date. They’re often large affairs, complete with caterers, an event planner, and entertainment. A class reunion can be a great way to reconnect with friends and make new ones, but it can offer other unexpected benefits as well. Below are three events that could happen on or after your reunion. 

Results You Didn’t Expect From Your Class Reunion

1. Reconnecting With a Lost Friend

If you had a large group of friends back in high school, it’s probable that you don’t stay in touch with many of them now that you’re older, whether by choice or distance. A reunion is a great opportunity to re-forge a connection with someone you haven’t seen in a while, and a great excuse to invite your old circle of friends out for drinks before or after the reunion. 

2. Making Useful Connections

class reunionView the reunion as a networking opportunity, especially if it’s the first one you’ve had since graduating. Chat with everyone, and work to make an impression on others that work in your field to begin forming a business connection.

You can also make connections for personal reasons. If you have a large event coming up that needs to be planned and the reunion is pulled off without a hitch, speak with the caterers to get pricing on their food, ask the event planner about their services and helpful information, and talk to the hall or venue coordinator if you’d like to rent the space. They could also provide recommendations for other professionals in their fields that can meet your needs.

3. Reflecting on How Far You’ve Come

Perhaps the most important and unexpected detail that a class reunion offers is the opportunity to reflect on your life. Alumni events surround you with a lot of people you haven’t seen since high school, and it’s inevitable that you’ll regale each other with memories from your school days. Looking at your life and progress with fresh eyes can renew your professional and personal drive to succeed. 



If you attended St. Louis School and want to plan a class reunion, contact the Saint Louis Alumni Association in Honolulu, HI. This organization assists alumni who want to host fundraisers, class reunions, events, and other gatherings. They also assist alumni who may be struggling or facing a hardship, from financial difficulties to facing a major illness. Learn more about reserving their clubhouse online, or call them at (808) 949-6633.

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