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Why Your AC Won’t Turn Off November 1, 2018

Plano, Collin
Why Your AC Won’t Turn Off, Plano, Texas

Many homes and businesses depend on a reliable HVAC system to keep their rooms comfortable. To be energy-efficient, they need to cycle on and off to maintain set temperatures. But if your cooling system runs without stopping, you might need air conditioner repairs to solve the problem. 

Why It Happens

There are several, sometimes unrelated, reasons that could cause your AC to run constantly, so it’s best to call an air conditioner repair specialist for a diagnosis. Your thermostat might have a glitch, or the AC unit might be incorrectly sized. Clogged filters, frozen or dirty evaporator coils, and blocked condenser coils may also be factors. When they restrict airflow in and out of your unit, it causes the air conditioner to work harder than usual to maintain steady indoor temperatures. You should also look for active refrigerant leaks. Rather than being inside your AC, they could be hiding in the duct work, causing cold air to seep through unsealed joints.

How to Fix the Problem

air conditioner repairsIf the problem lies with an improperly sized unit, have a professional calculate the correct system size for cooling your indoor space. You might have to replace or compensate as needed. You can also check your blades and adjust the fan speed to see if it will turn off your AC after a while. However, if you do need a new installation, consider upgrading to a smart or programmable thermostat. Not only will this save you the time and money of air conditioner repairs, but it will allow you to make temperature adjustments from your phone when you are away from the house.


When your AC has operational issues, have it checked by the professionals at Air Mechanix in Plano, TX. As a leading HVAC contractor, they have provided excellent service to businesses and residents throughout Collin and Dallas counties for more than 15 years. Call (214) 394-5520 to schedule air conditioner repair or visit their website for information on HVAC maintenance.

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