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3 Key Early Childhood Milestones November 29, 2018

East New York, Brooklyn
3 Key Early Childhood Milestones, Brooklyn, New York

Watching your children grow up is nothing short of miraculous. While children are constantly changing, your child will reach many physical, intellectual, and social milestones between ages 3 and 5. Below is a simple guide to what to expect in this developmental phase and how a day care center will help your child grow.

A Guide to Your Child’s Growth 

1. Making Friendships

Between ages 3 and 5, your little one will become more independent and start to form relationships with their peers. They’ll remember names, faces, and facts about others. They’re more likely to play with children and share toys. They’ll also be better at resolving conflicts on their own. All of these factors contribute to the early formation of friendships. To foster growth, seek group activities so your little one will have opportunities to meet kids their own age. Sending your child to a day care center, for example, will improve their social skills exponentially.

2. Increasing Physical Activity

daycare centerBy this time, children are able to walk, run, jump, climb, and even somersault on their own. Their fine motor skills also usually improve, so they’re better able to hold pencils and crayons. Their new abilities often spark their sense of adventure. They may attempt activities beyond their abilities, especially if they have older siblings they want to model. At a day care center, your little one will improve their coordination and strengthen their muscles in a safe and supervised environment.

3. Building an Intellectual Foundation

Many parents are surprised by the number of words their kids remember at this age, as well as the seemingly small details they notice. Children at this age are quite perceptive. For instance, they’ll be able to name body parts, count, and even read, all of which they’ll practice at a day care center. They’ll also use their unlimited imaginations for play, building creativity.  



God is Daycare Center in Brooklyn, NY, is dedicated to providing a safe, loving environment where children will experience these developmental milestones and more. They care for kids between the ages of six months and 12 years, tailoring their programs to each age group and the needs of individual children. With affordable prices, flexible hours, and open communication, they’re also mindful of parent needs as well. To learn more, call (347) 512-8966 or visit them online now.

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