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5 Reasons to Power Wash Your Home This Fall November 19, 2018

Hampton Bays, Southampton
5 Reasons to Power Wash Your Home This Fall, Southampton, New York

As the summer draws to an end and the cooler weather rolls in, preparing your home for the fall and winter season is an important step as a property owner. On your to-do list should be power washing your house’s exterior to refresh siding and remove grime. Here’s why you should tackle this task in autumn.

The Benefits of Fall Power Washing

1. Summer Grime

The summer heat can cause dirt and dust to cake and crust on your exterior. If mud gets kicked up on siding, the intense sunshine in warmer weather will bake it right onto your home, causing accumulations of grime. Power washing efficiently removes anything stuck to your siding, leaving behind a fresh, clean surface.

2. Leaf Removal

power washingSummer storms can be intense, kicking up leaves and plastering them to your home’s exterior. The easiest way to remove these slick leaves from the surface is to power wash. The strong, steady stream brushes away any tree remnants adhered to your siding and can even get into the toughest corners and crevices where accumulations may be hiding.

3. Seasonal Refresh

Start the new season with a fresh exterior. Power washing restores your property’s beauty and cleanses every area from top to bottom. Besides siding, the process clears away dirt from trim and window sills as well as grime stuck to the foundation or on decks and patios. Cobwebs, spiders, and other critter nests are also purged.

4. Algae & Mildew

When the weather begins to change, a green or brown covering may appear on your exterior. Usually this substance is made from a combination of algae, moss, and mildew that degrades the look of your home and can even damage your property. Power washing will take care of these issues quickly, and if done regularly, will keep regrowth at bay.

5. Value Boost

If you were planning to put your home on the market, power washing is the perfect starting point for enticing buyers. A house that is well cared for and cleaned regularly is more valuable than one that is neglected. Potential buyers will notice your property’s attractive curb appeal and will be more likely to enter your home for a better look.


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