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4 Tips for Staging a Waterfront Home October 31, 2018

Brighton, Monroe
4 Tips for Staging a Waterfront Home, Brighton, New York

When it’s time to put your waterfront home on the market, the right staging can make or break the sale. By playing up the home’s charm and making potential buyers feel welcome, you can help your house stand out among the competition. Here is a simple guide to staging and selling your home.

How to Stage a Waterfront Home

Play Up the Nautical Theme

selling your homeWaterfront homes have a particular character, and you can emphasize this charm by adding nautical elements. Nautical wall decor — such as ship steering wheels, anchors, and sea-themed paintings — can create a true lakefront or seaside feel. You may also consider adding details like hurricane vases with sand and shells. Remember that scent is also key for home staging, so light beach or ocean-themed candles around the house.

Depersonalize the Space

As you are adding in nautical elements, remember to take down family photos and other personal touches. Take down the magnets from the refrigerator and knick-knacks from the shelves. By depersonalizing the space, you are giving way to the nautical theme and allowing visitors to picture their belongings in the space.

Add Cozy Elements

Waterfront homes should feel like relaxing havens, so be sure to make the space feel extra comfortable when selling your home. Add jute rugs as well as blue and white pillows to create a breezy feeling. If you are showing during warm weather, add throw pillows to the outdoor seating area. Ensure that this space is clean and inviting by adding details like flowers.

Improve the View

A waterfront home is all about the view. Remember to trim any shrubs and trees that may be blocking the view of the water. Clear the windowsills and open the blinds during showings. When selling your home, you want potential buyers to pause in awe of the lake. This view will stick in their mind as they consider their home options.


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