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What Is Bituminous Concrete? November 21, 2018

What Is Bituminous Concrete?, Meriden, Connecticut

If you are preparing for a paving project on your property, one of the best material options available is bituminous concrete. Also called asphalt or blacktop, this type of concrete mixture is weather-resistant, resilient to weight and impact, and long-lasting with only simple maintenance. Here are a few more details to help you decide whether this is the right material for your project.

How Bituminous Concrete Is Made

Like ordinary concrete, bituminous concrete is a mixture of gravel and sand held together by a binder. Rather than cement, the binder is bitumen, a petroleum product that is water-resistant and black in color. Bitumen is heated to liquefy it, mixed with the desired fillers, then poured, pressed into place, and allowed to cool. This creates a smooth surface with some amount of give, which can be treated with sealers to help maintain its flexibility. It is also easy to patch and fill when cracks develop.

What It’s Used For

Bituminous ConcreteBituminous concrete is the material of choice for most roads, as it stands up well to continuous traffic. It is also used for residential driveways, where it serves as an attractive, low-maintenance option for smooth, solid paving. Most parking lots are surfaced with asphalt, and it’s often used to create basketball courts and similar recreational areas.


If you want bituminous concrete for your next paving project, get in touch with The L. Suzio York Hill Companies. This reliable asphalt supply company has offered delivery of aggregate materials for over 100 years. They provide bituminous concrete to northern New Haven, northwestern Middlesex, and southern Hartford counties, where they have a reputation for high quality and carefully tailored service. They also offer crushed stone and ready-mix concrete. To start on your project, place your order at (203) 237-8421 or request a quote online.

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