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3 Halloween Dangers Your Pet Should Avoid October 29, 2018

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3 Halloween Dangers Your Pet Should Avoid, Lincoln, Nebraska

No one wants to spend their Halloween at an animal hospital, but if your beloved pet gets their paws on some dangerous candy, that could be what happens. The holidays are full of treats to tempt animals— and distractions which makes keeping an eye on them difficult.  To help you keep your puppy pal or feline friend safe this October 31st, here are the three biggest Halloween dangers to look out for.

What to Keep Dogs & Cats Away From on Halloween

1. Chocolate

animal hospitalA dog shouldn't ever be given  "just a bite" of a chocolate treat. To put it in perspective, just one ounce of this sweet can be fatal to a 50 lb. dog. Therefore, stock chocolate for trick-or-treaters on a high shelf or behind closed cabinet doors and don't let kids spread their candy haul over the floor when inspecting it at the end of the night. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, racing heart, and seizures; if you suspect chocolate poisoning, go to an animal hospital right away.

2. Xylitol

Xylitol is a common ingredient in many candies, especially gums and mints. It is also poisonous to both dogs and cats, potentially causing liver failure. Like chocolate, keep these treats locked away from your pets. And be on the lookout for the tell-tale signs including vomiting, lethargy, unsteadiness, increased heart rate, or, possibly, seizures.

3. Glowsticks

Anyone who owns a cat knows how much felines love laser pointers and bright, shiny lights. Glowsticks are popular on Halloween, but animal hospitals usually see an uptick in glowstick-related injuries on this date. Cats, the most curious creatures on the planet, have been known to puncture glowsticks and eat the contents. While the ingredients are rarely fatal, they can produce a range of distressing symptoms for your cat, including pain, irritation in and around the mouth, and foamy or excessive drooling.


Take extra precautions with your pets this Halloween. However, if a health issue does arise, contact Parkview Animal Hospital. For more than 30 years, their veterinarians have been serving the pets of Lancaster County, Nebraska, and the people who love them. Call (402) 423-6939, visit them online, or message them on Facebook to learn more about this animal hospital and its services or to schedule an appointment.

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