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How an All-Girls High School Can Help Your Daughter Grow November 9, 2018

South Bronx, Bronx
How an All-Girls High School Can Help Your Daughter Grow, Bronx, New York

High school can be a tough time for all students. Teenage years put a lot of pressure on kids, but the right environment can help them thrive. If your daughter is entering high school, enrolling in an all-girls school may help them socially, academically, and emotionally. Though taking boys out of the classroom may seem like a controversial choice, there are several benefits to letting girls learn together without the added pressure and expectations of the opposite sex. Here’s what you need to know when considering enrolling your daughter at an all-girls high school.

Students Can Focus

All-Girls High SchoolUnfortunately, boys can easily become a distraction in the classroom, often dominating the conversation and driving discussions. For many girls, this can result in them not participating in class or lead to distractions as they’re less invested in focusing on the topics at hand. By immersing them in an all-girls high school and supportive environment, they’ll be in control of the discussion, encouraged to participate, and able to do so without the added pressures of worrying about what the boys in the class are thinking.

Instead, your student will be on equal ground with their peers. They won’t have to battle against the insecurities common with mixed classes. Instead, students will push each other to perform at their best simply for the sake of doing an excellent job. There’s no pressure to impress anyone other than their teachers.

Students Build Stronger Friendships

In traditional schools, many teens start worrying about dating and start getting jealous when a friend gets attention from someone they’re crushing on. In an all-girls high school, students focus on building friendships without the added pressure of the jealousy, relationship troubles, and backbiting that are so often found in traditional schools.


Considering enrolling your daughter in an all-girls high school? Contact Preston High School in the Bronx, NY, to schedule a tour. At Preston, your daughter will enjoy a rigorous academic curriculum surrounded by a supportive faith-centered environment. The small class sizes and supportive faculty ensure that every student has the materials and support they need to succeed and thrive. Learn more about their program online, and call (718) 863-9134 to speak with the admissions team to arrange a tour of this Catholic high school.

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