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Questions to Ask Prospective Real Estate Agents November 2, 2018

Wakefield, Bronx
Questions to Ask Prospective Real Estate Agents, Bronx, New York

When you’re planning to buy or sell a house, choosing a real estate agent is a valuable key to the process. Ask the right questions, and you can unlock the potential for an excellent deal. Here are points to focus on before making your selection.

Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents You Might Hire

1. How many years have you been selling real estate?

You want to know how much experience agents have in selling real estate. Ask about their approach, and get them to explain their process to you. Do they have a special sales or purchasing philosophy? Get a feel for their personality in handling deals.

2. What is your ratio of representing buyers & sellers?

real-estateIf you’re a buyer, you want a buyer’s agent representing you; if you’re a seller, you’re looking for a seller’s agent. But, you should have a real estate agent with experience representing clients on both sides of a transaction. This is a crucial point, especially if you’re selling a home and plan to buy another. If you can work with the same agent for both deals, it makes the road smoother.

3.  Do you have time to work with me?

Discuss your situation, and see how the agent responds. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, looking for investment properties, or need a quick sale, find out whether they can and want to represent you.

4. Do you work alone or with a team?

Find out whether you will work directly with the particular agent or with their team of real estate professionals. If you’re going to be served by a team, meet them all and get an understanding of how communication will work.


An experienced real estate agent can help make or break a deal. With over 20 years of successful deals in Westchester County, NY, behind them, the real estate professionals at Extreme Realty in the Bronx know how to bring buyers and sellers together at the closing table. Their deep knowledge of area neighborhoods, market trends, and cutting-edge sales techniques make buying and selling property a pleasure. Visit them online now to see current listings, or call (718) 600-8890 to speak with a dynamic real estate agent.

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