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Which Type Of Air Compressor Do I Need? October 31, 2018

Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights
Which Type Of Air Compressor Do I Need?, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Whether you’re handling projects at home, on a farm, or on the job, an air compressor can prove to be an invaluable tool. But before you make a purchase, it’s important to consider the different types available to decide which one best suits your needs. Below is a helpful breakdown to aid in your ultimate decision.

Understanding Which Air Compressor Is Right for You

Where Will Your Compressor Be Used?

air compressorThe first step in deciding on an air compressor is to determine where you’ll be using it and how much power you need. If you plan to use the compressor in a variety of locations, then a portable unit is likely the best choice. Investing in a portable option ensures you have the flexibility to use your compressed air anywhere it’s needed, whether it’s on a campsite, in your backyard, or on a worksite.

Stationary compressors, on the other hand, must remain in one place. They are often much larger and more powerful than portable options, with long horizontal tanks. Stationary tanks can also be installed on trucks if high levels of compressed air are required during construction.

What Size Tank Do You Need?

Additionally, you’ll need to decide what size tank you need. If you plan to use compressed air to power individual air tools, like a nail or staple gun, a small tank can handle the job. However, if you plan to use tools that require continuous air for extended periods of time, such as an air grinder or sander, then a large tank is likely necessary.

Air compressor sizes are generally classified according to the pressure they deliver and are broken into three basic types: low pressure, which have a discharge pressure of approximately 150 psi (pounds per square inch) or less; medium pressure, which have a discharge pressure of 151 - 1,000 psi; and high pressure, which have a discharge pressure above 1,000 psi. You’ll want to choose an air compressor with greater psi output than what is required by your highest-powered tool, as well the total requirements combined for any tools you plan to be using at the same time.


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