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3 Reasons to Choose a Screen Room Over a Sunroom November 12, 2018

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3 Reasons to Choose a Screen Room Over a Sunroom , Dothan, Alabama

Porch enclosure systems can add value to your home, allowing you to enjoy nature without being fully exposed to the elements. When exploring your options for an outdoor addition to your home, you may find yourself deciding between a screened deck or porch—also known as screen rooms—and a sunroom. While each has unique benefits, screen rooms are attractive options for many homeowners. Find out why this choice is widely preferred among people installing an outdoor living space below.

3 Advantages of Screen Rooms Vs. Sunrooms

1. Cost Savings

When it comes to outdoor living areas, screened decks are the more economical option over sunrooms. Both the materials and installation cost more for sunrooms, but screened porches can be constructed for a fraction of the price. Additionally, sunrooms often require permits to construct, which further adds to the cost of the project. Finally, sunrooms typically encompass a larger scope of work, including running electricity, which causes the cost to climb higher. Screened decks are simpler in construction and therefore less expensive to build.

2. Fresh Air

screen roomScreened decks allow homeowners to enjoy their natural outdoor environment while still keeping their furniture largely protected against natural factors like leaves and other debris. The screens also provide protection from insects but still allow you to feel connected with the environment that surrounds you. Sunrooms tend to trap heat and cold, making the room hot in the sun and chilly at night. While furniture is protected by both options, only screened porches allow you to enjoy a refreshing breeze.

3. Convenience

The convenience factor plays an important role in choosing which outdoor living space may be right for you. Screened decks are fairly simple to install, so the project can be completed in a relatively short time frame. Without the need for permits or electrical work, the project is more likely to be completed on time and without any unforeseen delays. 


If you’re considering a screen room for your Dothan, AL, area home, make Stor All Custom Metal Buildings and Roofing your top choice for construction. Offering quality products and services at affordable prices, these experienced contractors ensure each of their clients’ unique needs and expectations are met. See how they’ve enhanced local homes with beautiful screened porches and decks by browsing through their online gallery, or call (334) 685-0175 to speak with a team member.

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