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When Does Pneumonia or the Flu Warrant a Trip to the ER? January 3, 2019

When Does Pneumonia or the Flu Warrant a Trip to the ER?, Sublimity, Oregon

Every year, the Centers for Disease Control warns against the dangers of seasonal illness, particularly pneumonia and the flu which, in any given year, can be responsible for over 50,000 deaths. However, many people overlook the severity of their symptoms and, therefore, contribute to these potentially fatal complications. Here's a closer look at the indications you should visit the emergency room with the flu or pneumonia. 

Visiting the ER With the Flu or Pneumonia

When Should Sick Adults Visit the ER? 

Adults who have influenza or pneumonia should visit the emergency room if they are having difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, chest pain, persistent vomiting, or swelling in the mouth or throat. Neurological symptoms, such as dizziness and confusion, can also be signs of trouble related to system-wide infections, so have a friend or family member bring you to the hospital if you start having difficulty thinking, talking, or completing routine tasks. If your symptoms fade and then return, it could also be the sign of a secondary infection, so report the issue to your doctor. 

emergency roomWhen Should Sick Kids Visit the ER?  

Children are especially susceptible to complications from pneumonia and the flu, so rush them to the emergency room if they develop a fever with a rash, a bluish tint to their skin, or severe irritability. You should also bring a child to the hospital if they aren’t drinking fluids readily, or don’t want to wake up and interact with others periodically. 


Taking care of your health can be tricky during cold and flu season, so visit Santiam Hospital’s emergency room if you suspect trouble. Since this hospital’s inception more than 50 years ago, their kind, focused staff has been committed to creating an excellent patient experience for every person who comes through their doors. With specialists who offer assistance with internal medicine, women’s health, intensive care, surgery, radiology, and even nutritional services, you and your family can find the medical care you need when you visit this Mid-Willamette Valley area hospital. Learn more about how they can help by exploring their website or give their representatives a call at (503) 769-2175.

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