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3 Factors Affecting Your Internet Connectivity October 24, 2018

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Factors Affecting Your Internet Connectivity, Chillicothe, Ohio

Whether at the office or in your living room, there's nothing quite as frustrating as Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The most common issue behind loading and connection issues is a slow internet service. However, there are a variety of reasons this problem occurs. Here are a few of the most common culprits of a slow internet connection.

3 Reasons Your Internet Is Slow

1. Wi-Fi Interruptions

Wired connections offer direct access to the internet, which reduces downtimes and connectivity issues. However, wireless connections are more prone to interruptions. If multiple users or devices are all using Wi-Fi, the network may become congested and have lower speeds. There's also the risk of interference by Bluetooth® devices, such as a wireless speaker or computer mouse. In either case, installing multiple internet service routers or a signal booster may solve the issue.

2. Malware

internet serviceViruses also affect connectivity. When any type of spyware infects a system, the device has to work twice as hard because it's running your open applications, as well as the intrusive software in the background. If you're only noticing speed issues on one device, malware is likely a culprit. Utilize an anti-virus to scan your system, locate the infected files, and wipe them clean.

3. Internet Service Style

Sometimes, the internet service is to blame for connectivity issues. There are various styles of the internet, and each is associated with its own speed capabilities. Old-school dial-up was notorious for slow connections, but modern high-speed internet options are available in multiple speeds. If your current service doesn't meet your home or business' speed requirements, upgrade to a higher plan or switch to a service provider with faster options.


If you’re struggling with slow internet service, find the right speed for your needs with Horizon. For over 120 years, the Ross County-based telecommunications company has proudly served the needs of businesses and residents throughout southern Ohio. From cable and high-speed internet to security, they offer a variety of service options at various price points. Learn more about their offerings online, or request a quote today by calling (740) 772-8200.

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