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How to Seamlessly Transition From a Home to an Apartment October 30, 2018

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How to Seamlessly Transition From a Home to an Apartment, Cookeville, Tennessee

Apartment living is a good option for many people. It could be that you’re getting older and finding that home maintenance is becoming a hindrance. Or perhaps you’re moving to a new city for a big job opportunity and your living quarters are much smaller. Less can be more, so whatever your reason, the following tips can help make the transition from a home to an apartment a breeze for virtually anyone.

5 Downsizing Tips When Moving to an Apartment

1. Start Planning Now

Even if you have months ahead of you, planning now will give you ample time to make important decisions. Start by making a list of the items you’d like to take, what can be donated or given away, and what can be tossed.

2. Think About How Much You Use Certain Things

apartmentIf you’re looking to clear out clutter, keep track of what you actually use on a daily basis. This can be especially helpful when it comes to clothing. The general rule is any item of clothing not worn in the past six months should be donated. Many downsizers find that decluttering their lives can improve health and happiness

3. Get Unbiased Opinions

Crowdsource your clutter-clearing decisions with friends and family. For instance, throw a packing party and ask your loved ones for their honest opinions on what to keep and what to toss. You can also allow your guests to take home any items you no longer need.

4. Measure Your New Space

You want to make sure the furniture you have fits comfortably in the new space. Do this by measuring your new living quarters and the furniture you own while keeping in mind the minimum amount of empty space you want around your items. Anything too bulky or cumbersome should be donated or sold. If you have valuable items that don’t quite fit, consider putting them in storage.

5. Focus on Multipurpose Items

If you plan on buying new furniture, look for multipurpose pieces. For instance, a coffee table for the living room can also contain drawers with additional storage. This will help keep clutter in check in your new apartment.


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