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Why Checking the Sewer Line Should Be on Your New Home To-Do List February 12, 2019

North Shore, Waialua
Why Checking the Sewer Line Should Be on Your New Home To-Do List, Waialua, Hawaii

Upon moving into a new house, most homeowners have a long checklist of things to do. Unfortunately, inspecting the sewer line is often overlooked. That’s because the septic system is located underground where it’s out of sight and out of mind. However, there are a number of things that can affect the functionality of your septic system, which is why it requires routine inspection and regular maintenance.

Why You Need to Have Sewer Line Inspected

Wear & Tear Are Unavoidable

All sewer systems will experience wear and tear. However, older septic systems are more vulnerable because they’re often cesspools. At some point, these pipes will erode and collapse. An inspection will indicate when repairs or replacement is needed before the system fails altogether.

Roots Destroy Sewer Lines

septic systemTree roots are always looking for a steady source of water and nutrients, and sewer lines can provide this. Roots can also easily find any tiny cracks or openings in pipes and quickly expand. This can damage pipes and block the flow of water and effluents.

Repairs Are Costly

Broken pipes are dangerous, messy, and smelly. They can also cause flooding and toxic sewer gas to leak. Unfortunately, replacing or repairing sewer pipes is costly, and they are not usually covered by home insurance. Inspection allows you to identify problems early and prevent them from becoming major issues that are expensive to resolve.


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