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4 Reasons to Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit November 8, 2018

Waipahu, Ewa
4 Reasons to Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit, Ewa, Hawaii

An accessory dwelling unit, also known as an ADU, is a simple, yet effective way to extend living space on your property. Whether you plan on renting your addition or opening your home to friends and family, an ADU is an affordable home construction option to explore. If you’re considering a home improvement project, learn about the benefits you’ll enjoy with an ADU below.

Why Accessory Dwelling Units Are Beneficial

1. Versatile Style

ADUs come in different forms to suit your taste and property requirements. A unit can be added over a garage to act as an apartment, or it can be a separate, smaller structure placed on a foundation in the yard. Some also choose to convert basements and garages into these living spaces and add a separate entrance for residents.

2. Family Help

When you have an aging parent or a grown child not yet ready to pay for their own housing, ADUs are a solution. Family members can live in their own space and have privacy, but they won’t need to fully support themselves in an expensive housing market. Older family members will especially enjoy a sense of independence while feeling reassured that they will receive help from you when they need it.  

home construction3. Additional Income

If your ADU has been established as a legal rental, leasing the space provides additional income to offset your bills. Because these dwellings are essentially separate living spaces, you and your tenants will have privacy, even if the unit is connected to a garage or in a basement.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Because they are smaller dwellings, ADUs typically use less energy, making their impact on utility costs minimal. Also, by utilizing space on your property, these home construction options don’t affect resources and the environment as much as building larger homes or apartment complexes do. They don’t affect the city or town either, whereas building a new home would require the township to reconsider its infrastructure to accommodate the additional housing.


Cutting Edge Builders Hawaii in Waipahu is the locally owned and operated home construction company to call when you are ready to add an accessory dwelling unit to your property. These licensed general contractors provide quality home remodeling, specializing in bathroom and kitchen design. Call (808) 478-6718 for a free consultation, or visit them online for more on their home construction offerings.

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