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Common Roles of Court Reporters November 26, 2018

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Common Roles of Court Reporters, Honolulu, Hawaii

Court reporters are highly skilled professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to create verbatim transcripts of trials, hearings, and important meetings. In fact, their unique skill set makes court reporters crucial in a variety of settings outside of the courtroom. Below are just a few of the roles these professionals fill, from government roles to private business positions.

The Different Types of Court Reporters

Official Court Reporters

In the courtroom, reporters create exact transcripts of what was said during trials, hearings, and private arbitration agreements. These documents can be instrumental in filing appeals or crafting legal arguments based on prior witness testimony. While these are the most visible roles for court reporters, many of these positions have been eliminated to save money, leaving many attorneys to hire transcriptionists of their own.

Freelance Reporters

court reporterMany court reporters are self-employed contractors, providing law firms with detailed transcripts of depositions, interviews, and settlement negotiations. Because law firms need this information quickly, freelance court reporters often specialize in providing very fast results, using the most advanced equipment available to produce transcripts the same day.

Real-Time Reporters

Using specialized equipment that instantly converts stenographic symbols to text, highly trained court reporters can produce captions in real-time. This service is ideal for court hearings involving deaf individuals, but is also often used in business meetings, classrooms, and televised broadcasts. The complete transcription is saved as a digital file, ready to be reviewed almost immediately.


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