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Why You Need a Generator This Winter October 30, 2018

East Walnut HIlls, Cincinnati
Why You Need a Generator This Winter, Cincinnati, Ohio

Portable and standby generators are popular equipment rentals during the winter, and it’s easy to understand why. Cold weather brings a risk of ice and snow—both of which can cause power outages. Generators can keep a heating system running during an outage, so it’s essential to buy one or sign up for an equipment rental this winter. 

3 Reasons You Need a Backup Generator During the Winter

1. Run Vital Equipment

Aside from keeping the heating system running, generators also keep other appliances and equipment operational during power outages. For example, pulmonary patients who rely on oxygen concentrators to breathe can rest easy knowing they won’t have to switch to oxygen e-tanks, which only hold up to a few hours worth of oxygen. Also, refrigerators also remain cold—protecting food from spoiling—and sump pumps keep working—preventing basements from flooding.

2. Keep Your Business Open

equipment rentalsWhether you work as a freelance contractor from home or own a store, you lose income when a power outage disrupts your ability to work. A standby generator can provide enough power to keep your business open; if your store is open when other companies aren’t, you’re bound to attract new customers and profits.

3. Protect Your Plumbing System

If homeowners can’t keep their interiors warm, they risk significant water damage to their home. Pipes can freeze and burst during freezing temperatures, but indoor heat from a generator can keep them protected during the winter to ensure your home isn’t affected by water damage. 


If you're interested in buying a generator or leasing it as an equipment rental in Cincinnati, OH, stop by Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales. For more than 83 years, they’ve helped residents rent or buy top-rated tools and lawn equipment. Call (513) 961-1122 or visit them online today to learn more about their services, available tools, and equipment rentals.

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