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How Air Filters Work November 19, 2018

West Plains, Howell
How Air Filters Work, West Plains, Missouri

Air filters are an essential component of any HVAC system, trapping bacteria, dust, allergens, and dirt, so they don’t pollute the indoor air or build up inside your heating and cooling system. Understanding how filters perform this task is vital for homeowners. Proper care and maintenance of air filters can keep HVAC equipment running efficiently, reduce repairs, and extend the life of the system.

An Overview of HVAC Air Filters

How They Work

HVACAC filters are usually made of spun fiberglass or paper and come inside square cardboard or plastic frames. Many filters are placed just inside the central vent for your heating and cooling system, typically located in the ceiling or wall of a building. They can also be inserted directly into wall or window AC units. Once placed, they act as the first line of defense against pollen, dust, animal fur, mold, and microorganisms, collecting them so they don’t enter the air being circulated inside a home. Filters must be cleaned or replaced routinely for the sake of your HVAC equipment. 

Why Maintenance is Necessary

When filters become dirty or clogged, it reduces the airflow inside your heating and cooling system. Equipment must work overtime to compensate for poor airflow, which can damage the air handler over time and cause an increase in utility costs. If filters become too dirty or clogged, some of the debris and contaminants they’ve collected will gather in the ductwork and re-enter the air supply going into your home. Filters should be replaced once a month to prevent this from happening.


Homeowners in Missouri who need to schedule routine service by a licensed HVAC technician can depend on the team at Butler Heating & Air in West Plains, MO. As part of their routine service, they check and replace filters, clean dust and dirt that has accumulated on equipment, and test coolant levels. They also provide emergency services in case you experience a breakdown outside of normal business hours. Call  (417) 256-7984 or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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