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Marathon Runners: How Runners Can Avoid Injury Potholes on the Road Ahead-PART 4 April 28, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
Marathon Runners: How Runners Can Avoid Injury Potholes on the Road Ahead-PART 4, Manhattan, New York

Hello again R

UNNERS.. Some of you have completed the Boston Marathon since my last post.. CONGRATULATIONS.. 

Now, to catch you up quickly.. In the previous posts I covered the importance of: a physical screen or assessment, posture and tissue quality. This section will cover the importance of stretching.....more specifically Pre-Run Stretching.. (a.k.a. Active Stretching)


Any time I've asked a runner if they stretch before they run they look at me as if I'm speaking in a foreign tongue.. And when some says they do stretch it's usually not using an optimal method.. The best way to stretch before activity is with 'active stretching'. In active stretching you are stretching multiple muscle groups over multiple joints in movement patterns for short periods of time, (just a few seconds). 


The benefits are: improved joint range of motion, muscular activation as well as preparing the nervous system for the activity ahead. In contrast to static stretching which isolates individual muscles and holds that muscle for an extended period of time. When the stretch is released, the nervous system will not know how to incorporate the new length into a movement pattern.. 

Brett's Bottom Line: 

The reality is that static stretching is a poor way to warm up before exercise. An active stretching routine, done regularly will not only improve a runners performance but dramatically reduce their injury risk potential.. keep you on the roads and out of rehab.

What others are saying:

“Thanks for your stretching seminar last night. I thought it was very informative. At first I was a bit skeptical about how much the stretches you demonstrated would make? So this morning I went through the stretches you showed and started to run. I immediately felt the difference. Each step feels lighter than normal. I guess it’s because I “woke-up” the sleeping muscles, so now the work is more evenly distributed. And by the end of 3 miles, I virtually did not feel any pain in my joints. So there it goes, I am sold on your routine.” -Thanks, JOHNNY KONG

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