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How a Real Estate Law Attorney Can Help During a Property Purchase November 7, 2018

Wallingford, New Haven County
How a Real Estate Law Attorney Can Help During a Property Purchase, Wallingford, Connecticut

Purchasing a new home is the most substantial financial transaction most people make in their lives. For this reason, it only makes sense to want to be legally protected at every step of the home-buying process. An attorney who works in the field of real estate law can provide this crucial protection; below are a few ways they go about it.

The Value of a Real Estate Law Attorney 

Reviewing & Drafting Contracts

Any property purchase is essentially a contract between the buyer and seller. As the buyer, you want to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. A real estate law attorney will review and draft contracts for the closing and check that there is no vague or unclear language; that the terms are agreeable to you and meet your goals and expectations; and that the rights and responsibilities of both parties are spelled out clearly and in accessible language.

Performing a Title Search

real estate lawA title search can reveal important information about a property before you purchase it. There could be issues that neither buyer nor seller is aware of; the existence of an old lien, for instance, can prevent a sale from moving forward. The sooner you know about these potential roadblocks, the better. By the time the closing date arrives, you’ll be prepared to take ownership — free and clear.

Representation at Closing

At the actual closing, the final documents are signed, and the deed transferred from one party to another. Typically, there are several people present at the closing, including the buyer and seller and their attorneys, the real estate agent and broker, a representative of the title company, and the lender's attorney. At this stage, if last-minute concerns pop up, your lawyer can iron them out with the others present, and you can be confident that all issues are being addressed before signing on the dotted line.


Having a real estate law attorney's support at a closing can make what is a stressful experience for many a far more manageable one. The lawyers at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., have over 125 years' collective experience serving the New Haven County, Connecticut, region; they also offer representation as accident, wrongful death, and personal injury attorneys, estate planning professionals, and civil litigation lawyers. Schedule a consultation by calling (203) 265-2035 or visiting them online.

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