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How Much Heat Are You Losing Because of the Windows? November 23, 2018

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How Much Heat Are You Losing Because of the Windows? , Barnesville, Ohio

During the winter, you do everything you can to keep your home warm, including cranking up the heater and asking your kids to close doors quickly. However, many people underestimate just how damaging older windows can be to their home’s energy efficiency. Here is a little more information about heat loss through windows and how you can prevent problems. 

Are Your Windows Losing Heat? 

If your windows are single-paned, poorly installed, or damaged, you can bet that they are leaching a significant amount of heated air outside. Researchers estimate that windows account for as much as 12% to 30% of annual energy loss, which is why it is so important to inspect your windows carefully for problems. 

windowsIf your windows are original to your house, look up the building date of your home by referencing city records. Keep in mind that while double-paned windows were invented in 1913, it wasn’t until the 1970s that they became mainstream, which means your older home may need some significant energy-efficient updates. 

How Can You Prevent Heat Loss? 

Fortunately, modern double-paned windows are designed to prevent a substantial amount of heat transfer, slashing your energy costs. In fact, studies by Energy Star® have found that replacing single-paned windows with double-paned versions can save you upwards of $465 on power annually. Consider updating your home’s windows to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home. 


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