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How Oil Furnaces Create a Cozy Atmosphere in Your Home October 30, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
How Oil Furnaces Create a Cozy Atmosphere in Your Home, West Haven, Connecticut

When the winter hits and temperatures drop, you’ll want to feel warm and comfortable in your home. Many homeowners that have used both oil and natural gas to heat their homes often prefer oil furnaces because they provide a cozier feel than gas furnaces do. Learn more about oil and gas furnaces to decide which one is right for your home.

What You Should Know About Gas and Oil Furnaces

Why Do Oil Furnaces Feel Cozier?

Oil burns much hotter–about 400 degrees hotter–than natural gas does. This difference in temperature means that your home will heat up much faster with an oil furnace, so you won’t need to wait hours for your home to reach a comfortable temperature. Oil furnaces also help create a more even temperature throughout your house, eliminating drafts and cold spots.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Oil Furnaces?oil furnace

In addition to providing a cozy feel, oil furnaces have a variety of other benefits. Many people assume that it’s more expensive to heat their homes with oil than natural gas. However, since oil produces heat more efficiently than natural gas, it’s a more affordable way to heat your home. Additionally, oil is less toxic for the environment than natural gas is and reduces carbon emissions, making your home greener. Oil furnaces are safer for your family; they cannot explode like gas furnaces can, and compared to gas furnaces, they have less of a risk of causing carbon monoxide poisoning.


Looking to make your home cozier? Apple Oil can install an oil furnace for you, so that you can enjoy a cozier, more efficient, and safer home this winter. Their home heating experts have served the New Haven County, CT, community for more than 30 years, providing reliable service at an affordable rate. Once your furnace is installed, they will keep it running with repair services and same-day oil delivery services if you call them before noon. Contact them online or at (203) 934-3835 to discuss your home’s heating needs. Make sure to ask them about their oil delivery discount for brand new customers.

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