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Celebrate The Gay Pride Festivities With The Best Vacation Rental Company in NYC June 17, 2015

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Celebrate The Gay Pride Festivities With The Best Vacation Rental Company in NYC, Manhattan, New York

June is Gay Pride Month—how are you celebrating? If you’re coming to the Big Apple, then be sure to stay in a summer rental from thedinosaurhaus. Book a home or apartment right next to the action, and get your fill of this month’s celebratory activities—without the stressful commute! Otherwise, for a more laid back stay, cozy up in the outskirts of the city, and escape the festivities anytime you want. It’s all up to you, as the options are endless with this vacation rental company.


Gay Pride Month is incredibly special to the city of New York, as a commemoration of the Stone Wall Riots, which happened right here in NYC. Indeed, it’s a celebration that hits close to home for many, and now, Gay Pride events happen all over the world, and June is the time to join in on the festivities. New York is sure to host the best party of them all, and you don’t want to miss out! With thedinosaurhaus, you won’t have to.

Because these experts are local to New York City, their advice and knowledge of the area is top-notch, and virtually unmatched by any other travel company. Spend your stay experiencing New York’s Gay Pride Month just like a local would: eating at the best spots in town, strolling through neighborhood streets, and staying in an envy-worthy summer rental—all due to the expertise provided by thedinosaurhaus. They’ll leave no stone unturned when looking for the perfect apartment or home for you, ensuring that your stay will be a truly memorable one! Call today for more information at (646) 233-1442