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What to Look for in a Defense Lawyer October 29, 2018

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What to Look for in a Defense Lawyer, Savannah, Georgia

If you need a defense lawyer for representation in a criminal case, you want someone who will fight for you. It is important to look for certain qualities to know you are choosing the right attorney for your case. Experience, local knowledge, and personal interaction make a big difference in how a case turns out. Knowing the points below may help if you find yourself in a situation that calls for a criminal defense attorney.

Qualities a Defense Lawyer Should Have

1. Deep Experience

Having a defense attorney with years of successful experience in handling cases like yours positions you for a good outcome. While no two cases are exactly alike, a defense lawyer who has negotiated and tried numerous similar cases can tell you, with reasonable certainty, what to expect. In addition, they are aware of and can avoid pitfalls inexperienced lawyers might not see coming. 

2. Local Knowledge

defense lawyerIf you need a criminal defense lawyer, look for one who knows the courthouse where your case will be heard. An attorney who practices frequently where your case is pending knows the judges and their approaches to your type of case, and they will be familiar with the prosecutor’s negotiating style and trial skills. They are familiar with local customs and procedures, how the police and detectives handle investigations and testimony, and how court personnel process paperwork.

3. Personal Connection

A defense lawyer should see you as more than a case file or a source of income. Look for respect, dedication to the work, and compassion for your situation. Your attorney should have a demeanor that instills confidence and peace of mind. If you are placing your future in a lawyer’s hands, you should know the value of your decision has the respect its deserves.   


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