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3 Ways to Avoid Roof Repairs & Make Your Structure Last November 23, 2018

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3 Ways to Avoid Roof Repairs & Make Your Structure Last, Dayton, Ohio

Your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home to replace—and the most important. It stands between your family and the elements. The best way to avoid costly roof repair or replacement is to be proactive about preserving the life of your roof before it falls into disrepair.

3 Ways to Avoid Roof Repairs & Replacements

1. Remove Moss & Lichen

Are there greenish stains on your roof that never go away? These organisms grow in areas where the structure can’t fully dry, so the shaded portions are particularly susceptible to moss and lichen growth. Over time, it can contribute to roof rot. Prevent growth by trimming away tree branches from your roof. You can also remove moss, lichen, and algae by scraping it off and using a mixture of water and bleach to kill the organisms.

2. Clear Away Debris

roof repairBranches, twigs, and leaves can easily accumulate on your roof if you have trees nearby. Left on the structure, it will build up in corners and angles and trap moisture. Trapped moisture will encourage organisms and weeds to grow that can damage your shingles and even the layer underneath, called the sheathing. Damage to the sheathing may require a roof repair professional, so it’s best to clear away debris before it starts to cause problems.

3. Clean Your Gutters or Install Gutter Guards

Clogged gutters can trap water, which will begin to flow upward onto your roof. This can seep into your sheathing and cause it to rot. Remove leaves and dirt from your gutters a few times a year, or have it professionally done by a roof repair contractor. Consider having gutter guards installed if there are a lot of trees around your home.


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