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Why Fall Leaves Are a Fire Hazard October 29, 2018

Licking, Texas County
Why Fall Leaves Are a Fire Hazard, Licking, Missouri

The vibrantly colored leaves that come with each fall season are one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena. Unfortunately, they are also a serious fire hazard. As a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of the potential danger leaves can be to your property once they’ve died and fallen off the trees. Many home insurance claims are filed every year due to leaves that have been ignited in the yard. Here’s why this is a problem and what you can do to help avoid a fire disaster. 

What to Know About the Risks Fall Leaves Present 

Why It’s Important to Be Wary of Dried Leaves 

With fall fire season underway, it’s important to recognize that dry leaves are the perfect source to fuel flames. Many people don’t realize this and just think of them as a nuisance clogging their gutters and littering their lawn. In reality, leaves are highly flammable and can easily be set on fire after being exposed to just a tiny spark or extreme heat. This is why it’s crucial not to allow leaves to accumulate in your gutters or yard. 

home insuranceProper Steps to Preventing Fires    

There are several steps you can take to prevent leaves from becoming a fire hazard on your property, allowing you to avoid filing a home insurance claim. For one, be sure to clear gutters out regularly and rake leaves into a pile a good distance away from your home. Instead of burning leaves, it’s better to turn them into compost or mulch. You should also take care never to park over a significant amount of leaves, as the exhaust under a vehicle can reach ignite them. 


Along with taking extra precaution when leaves start to fall onto your property, it’s a good idea to review your current home insurance policy. The professionals at Texas County Mutual Insurance will help make sure you don’t have any gaps in coverage that would result in financial ruin should a fire wreak havoc on your home. For more than a century, they have been trusted by residents in and around Licking, MO, to provide high quality, affordable policies. Call (573) 674-3125 to inquire about a home insurance quote, or visit them online to learn more the products they offer.

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