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How the New “Montana Size” Soothie Will Expand Your Comfort November 13, 2018

Kalispell, Flathead
How the New “Montana Size” Soothie Will Expand Your Comfort , Kalispell, Montana

For 15 years, Rocky Mountain Soothies® has been recognized for introducing customers to the Soothie—a unique and personalized Waming Pad designed to provide relief of pain and ease sore muscles and tender muscles. Committed to increasing client comfort, this retailer is now expanding their size selection of Soothies to include “The Montana.” Introduced on October 20th, “The Montana” provides the same advantageous warm, moist soothing benefits as the “Medium”, the “Large”, and the “Jumbo” sizes, “The Montana” is perfect for treating large areas of the body to cozy, moist, all natural warm relaxation.

Who Should Consider “The Montana” Size Soothie?

Anyone experiencing soreness, aches and pains can benefit from using a Soothie. However, “The Montana” size is ideal for individuals who are taller or larger, as the Warming Pad offers a wider coverage area of the body. 

heating padIf you’ve used the Medium, Large, or Jumbo Soothie in the past and wished that there was even a larger one, “The Montana” is the one!  For example, this size option is great for those that are experiencing widespread back pain, shoulder injuries, or leg muscle discomfort.

How Is “The Montana” Size Soothie Styled?

Just like the Medium, Large, and Jumbo sizes.  It’s just the same as the other Warming Pad sizes available. “The Montana” is still a rectangular Warming Pad that is securely filled with the same  non-toxic filling that produces its own warm, moist heat warming material. The high quality, top of the line flannels used is so soft and flexible that it hugs the body everywhere. Dedicated to making your product unique, Rocky Mountain Soothies offers over 300 fabric design patters in a variety of colors, sure to please every member of your family. 

What Are Customers Saying About “The Montana” Soothie?

During the trial phase of “The Montana”, testers loved the product so much that they had no interest in giving them back. With customers raving about this new Warming Pad size option, it’s clear that you and others in your life will love “The Montana” just as you may have appreciated other sizes. “The Montana” weighs 4 pounds and the extra weight pushes the warm, moist heat deeper down into the sore area of the body.   Even if you don’t have any aches, pains, or sore muscles right now , Winter’s cold, and snow shoveling is hard on the body, wear a Soothie on the lower back, thigh muscles, and shoulders before engaging in shoveling to loosen up those muscles, then as soon as you come back inside put a warm, moist Soothie on those used and tired muscles so they don’t tighten and stiffen up. You can also waer a Soothie Wrap around your lower neck and over your shoulders then put your jacket on over it and zip it up an the warm Soothie will keep your upper body toasty warm and flexible while out in the cold!

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or ready to boost your health and wellness, getting “The Montana “, or any of the other Warming Pad Size Soothie is easy. If you’re curious about your pattern design options, visit Rocky Mountain Soothies online to browse their vast inventory of flannel choices. Their Swatch Gallery is so easy to browse an find just what you want. When you’re ready to place your order, you can either fill out the shop’s simple online form or visit the Kalispell, MT, store in person during their business hours. Carrying an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau®, this dedicated team is ready to help you find a great solution for pain relief. For questions, call  this unique little rustic shop in the Rocky Mountains for a fun experience (406) 755-6511.  

          Rocky Mountain Soothies  . . .  “We’re Not Normal  . . .  We’re UNIQUE!”


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