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4 FAQs Answered by a Family Birth Center December 13, 2018

4 FAQs Answered by a Family Birth Center, Sublimity, Oregon

While a child is a beautiful, and sometimes long-awaited, gift, the moments leading up to your due date can be full of questions. However, by working with a compassionate and experienced family birth center, you can feel more prepared for the labor and about welcoming your new addition. If you’re pregnant and anxiously crossing days off the calendar, here are a few aspects you may be wondering about. 

What You Need to Know About Family Birth Centers

1. When Should You Leave for the Hospital?

When you believe labor has begun, remain calm and focus on timing the contractions. At first, mild contractions will generally come every 15-20 minutes and last less than a minute. Active labor begins when contractions are 3-5 minutes apart, which should be when you start heading to the hospital. If your water breaks, you experience contractions while under 37 weeks pregnant, or you have irregular vaginal bleeding, swelling, or intense pain in your upper abdomen, call the doctor and prepare to go to the ER. 

2. What Should You Pack?

Family Birth CenterWhen packing for the hospital stay, focus on comfort. Bring plenty of comfortable apparel including warm socks and pajamas. Don’t hesitate to bring pillows and blankets from home to make the room more pleasant. In addition, pack baby clothes, toiletries, a camera, reading materials, items to entertain your family in the waiting room, and a car seat for transporting the little one home. 

3. How Long Do New Moms Need to Stay at the Hospital?

If the baby is delivered via vaginal birth, most mothers and infants will stay at the hospital for 24 to 48 hours. When labor requires a C-section, patients may need to remain at the facility for 2-3 days while recovering. 

4. When Can Friends & Family Members Visit?

Visiting hours vary significantly depending on the family birth center and whether you require specialized care or emergency room services to deliver. Most hospitals have a 12-hour visiting window, but it’s common to have set quiet hours in the afternoon so that parents and newborn babies have an opportunity to bond in a peaceful environment. 


Santiam Hospital has been providing residents throughout Aumsville, Stayton, Sublimity, Mill City, Jefferson, and the surrounding Oregon communities with top-notch healthcare since 1953. With a reputation for compassionate staff, you can trust this hospital with comprehensive health services, whether you need an emergency room with short wait times or a soothing family birth center to welcome your next bundle of joy. Call today at (503) 749-4734 to discuss your medical needs and visit their website for more information on what they offer. 

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