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3 Reasons Your Well Water Pressure Is Low November 2, 2018

Davenport, Lincoln
3 Reasons Your Well Water Pressure Is Low , Davenport, Washington

You count on a reliable supply of fresh water to keep your home clean and your family bathed, which is why it can be frustrating to deal with low water pressure. In addition to impacting the functionality of appliances like dishwashers, low availability makes it harder to do the things you have to take care of every day. Here are three reasons your well water pressure might be low, and how a well pump repair professional can help. 

Causes of Low Water Pressure 

1. Below Normal Water Levels

In areas that rely heavily on underground aquifers, climate changes can have a drastic impact on water availability. If your area has had less rainfall than normal, it could impact the amount of water pressure you have access to in your home. 

Water levels can also drop when there are new draws on the available supply. For instance, if new homes or businesses are erected in the area that rely on the same water supply, it could reduce the water flow in your home. Talk with well pump repair professionals in your area to see if new structures could impact your availability. 

2. High Usage 

well pump repairWater pressure can even be impacted by additional water draws within your own home. For instance, if you have multiple people bathing, washing clothes, or using the dishwasher, it could reduce water flow at the kitchen faucet. If you have been having a difficult time with water pressure, ask professional plumbers to evaluate the size of your incoming water lines. Sometimes, water lines can be upgraded to thicker versions to allow more water to come through, improving your water pressure. 

3. Failing Water Pump

Water pumps are durable, but they don’t last forever. Most submersible pumps are designed to last about 25 years, but this timeframe can be impacted by sediment or minerals in the water. If your water pump is failing, water pressure in your home could suffer, so have your unit inspected by a well pump repair professional at the first sign of trouble. 


If you have been struggling with your home’s water supply, solve the issue by working with the well pump repair experts at Halme Electric and Pump. As specialists with more than 30 years worth of experience, they can help with everything from well drilling and ongoing well maintenance to electrical repairs. For tips on well maintenance, visit them online, or give their office a call (509) 725-3500 to schedule an appointment. 

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