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5 Tips For Avoiding RV Repairs November 9, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
5 Tips For Avoiding RV Repairs, Lincoln, Nebraska

Your recreational vehicle, or RV, provides the opportunity for endless adventures on the open road. It also functions as a bonus living space conveniently parked on your property. However, if you are new to owning this sizable vehicle, here are some maintenance care tips to help you avoid premature wear and tear as well as unnecessary RV repairs.

Ways to Minimize the Need for RV Repairs

1. Rotate The Tires

Most RVs benefit from annual tire rotations to avoid uneven wearing. Like with any vehicle, pay particular attention to the front tires since they do more of the turning and are, therefore, likely to show signs of use faster. 

2. Clean the Roof & Keep It Covered

RV repairIf you plan on letting your motorhome sit during the winter months, still try to prevent snow from accumulating on its roof and causing water damage, with regular cleanings. Use products specifically designed for recreational vehicles such as rubber roof cleaners and protectants, and cover it while parked to avoid debris buildup. Also, consider investing in a carport to protect your RV from the elements.

3. Lubricate Hardware

Keep the hardware in your RV lubricated with a dry silicone product that will not attract dirt. Apply to all hinges, slide-out rails, locks, and other metallic moving parts. This will not only make it run smoother but help you enjoy a quieter vehicle.

4. Run the Generator

Gasoline starts to break down following 30 days without use, causing the generator to sustain internal damage. The spark plugs will not fire correctly and the generator will shut down. To prevent this from happening, replace the fuel every two months and run the generator approximately every four weeks.

5. Clean the Tanks

Give your fresh, gray, and black water tanks thorough cleanings every two months. Run a non-toxic disinfectant and deodorizer such as white vinegar through the tank lines to deeply clean these compartments.


RV repairs are among the many services offered at Stephenson Truck Repair. This family-owned and -operated mechanical and body shop has served Lancaster County, NE, since 1966. Enjoy 24-hour emergency assistance whenever you need it as well as DOT inspections from this friendly and experienced team. Call (402) 466-8532 or visit the business online to schedule service today. You can also get the body shop’s latest tips on Facebook.

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